bar located in shinsaibashi, Osaka

What is bar 5 ?

Bar 5 is a friendly space in shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan a place where you can drink, sing, play games and meet new people.

Where ?

日宝畳屋町会館 3階 〒542-0083

When ?

Everydays, from 8pm to 5am

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Our Team

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The Bar

If you are looking for a stylish hideaway bar, then head to "bar 5cinq". A small alley with a Showa atmosphere, close to Namba Station. On the 3rd floor of the building, a relaxing space for the hideout bar spreads out. In addition to liquor, such as cocktails that more than 50 kinds of liquor masters deliver with brilliant shaker handling, you can meet genuine taste, including commitment to premium cocktail ingredients.

Everything has the style of a bar, but it has a warm and friendly atmosphere. Once you open the door and immerse yourself in the world of this store, you will instantly become a fan. It is a bar for adults, who can casually go to the restaurant on the night when they want to have a special drink.

photo bar 5 osaka

bar osaka

photo bar 5 osaka

bar osaka

photo bar 5 osaka

bar osaka

photo bar 5 osaka

bar osaka

photo bar 5 osaka

bar osaka

photo bar 5 osaka

bar osaka


here is the differents type of alcohol we have.

The recommended menu is a bartender-recommended seasonal fruit cocktail that changes depending on the season.
There is also an all-you-can-drink menu, so you can fully enjoy sake without worrying about the price.

The birthday service is also substantial, so why not try using it when you have an anniversary with an important person.

Carlsberg beer osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋


Draft Beer

whisky osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋


suntory's kaku / jim beam / Harper / Old Parr Silver / Jack Daniels / Jack Daniels Honey / bowmore / laphroaig / etc ...

liquor osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋


Cassis / Peach / Raspberry / Yogurt / Pasoa / Campari / Mistia / Jasmine / Lichi / Kahlua / Baileys / Green tea / Cointreau / Tiffin / etc ...

shochu osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋


Nikaido / Kuro Kirishima

kyougetsu osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋


Corean alcohol, lot of fruity flavor
(cheery, peach, cassis, lemon, etc...)

spirits alcohol osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋


Gin / Vodka / Tequila / Rhum

spiritus osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋

Hard Punch !

Hurricane / Helicopter / Long Island Ice Tea

Chuhai osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋


lot of different fruty flavor (lemon, lime, grappe, etc ...)

soft drink osaka bar サンク 大阪バー心斎橋

soft drink

Orange / Grappe / pinapple / grappefruit / apple / tomato / ginger ale / cola / cranberry / calpis / oolong tea / green tea / jasmine tea / milk ...

bar menu


Feel free to contact uf if you have any question !

access bar 5 osaka shinsaibashi namba

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日宝畳屋町会館 3階 〒542-0083

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